The Power of Film

I want you to think about a movie that moves you. A movie that helps you confront feelings you don't experience everyday. Think of a cinematic moment that has completely encompassed your being. The movie that has taken me from reality and moved me the most is 2011’s Warrior. Warrior is a movie about a dysfunctional family. At the center of the plot is a recovering alcoholic father and two brothers that haven't seen each other in years. This molded with heavy shadows and lingering shots creates a defeated atmosphere. The combination of the film noir shooting style with a motivating and hopeful story line creates a contrast that inspired me to tears. It inspired me to work harder in some relationships in my life and to never give up on a dream when you have the proper motivators. Can you think of a movie that had that kind of impact on you?

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty had a powerful affect on my wife. Gladiator inspired my sister-in-law. It seems everyone has seen a movie that touches their spirit. What’s yours? Whatever movie you are thinking of right now - we need more of those.

Google “movies” and follow it up with a year. No matter what year you type you wont be disappointed with the top movies that pop up. The reason is that those are the Oscar winning movies of that year—but I dare you to look further. If you look further you will start to see just how many bad movies are out there. What’s awful is it seems to only be getting worse. 

Empire did a top 50 worst movies of all time. As I read this list I counted how many were made in my lifetime. In the past 24 years 41 of the 50 worst movies of all time have been released. Is it just because there are more people making movies, thus there is more crap? Probably, but it doesn't matter! It is my deep belief that film can change the world.

“Film is big business. We track its annual contribution to the "entertainment" sector in billions of dollars. But film is much more than simply entertainment. Film has the capacity to change the world.”

- Huffington Post

“With the glitz and glamor of Hollywood and blockbuster movies, it's easy to overlook the very real and acutely transformative effect that film and motion pictures have had on the world.“

- Mashable

“We all know the power that a film can hold. It can inspire, enlighten, and even, at times, enrage. The ability of film to invoke strong emotions from a worldwide audience is seen time and again through successful film phenomenon: these are the kind of films that take the world by storm, grab our attention, and never let go.”

- Scriptlab.

It seems I’m not the only one who believes that. I think someone who doesn't think film has an extremely large and powerful impact on the world is either Amish or blind. I feel one of my favorite filmmakers, Martin Scorsese, said it best: “Movies touch our hearts, and awaken our vision, and change the way we see things; they open doors and minds.”

I want to make a promise to any and all that are reading this; Film is a way to shrink oceans, erase race, and tear down walls. It inspires something more than just the mortal body. The influence that powers, motivates and lifts our souls can be eternally affected by the cinematic experience. The problem today is that this power can be used on both sides of the battle between good and evil. I promise to do everything in my power to harness this deeply impactful art and use it for the uplifting and inspiring of every race, religion and culture.

I know that probably means nothing to most of you, but who knows - maybe one day it will. 

Thanks for reading