Favorite Slow Motion Moments

The Chicken or the Egg?

Does film affect culture or does culture affect film? This is a question… Boo!!!!!   

So I was going to write a thought-provoking article about the effects that film has on the world, our everyday lives and how that has increased recently. I’m not in that kind of mood. For now, I just want to talk about some fun stuff! I guess you could say I am in a Michael Bay mood - as stupid as it is… it’s still kind of fun. So in honor of Michael Bay’s big explosion garbage, I’m going to bring up my favorite slow motion moments in cinema!

No slow motion list would be complete without that Matrix moment we have all tried to reenact. Don’t lie, at one point in your life you have bent backwards as far as you could, as slow as you could and imagined you were Neo dodging bullets like a boss. I remember watching this scene for the first time. I was 10 years old. I remember being pretty blown away with the whole thing. I didn't comprehend back then how amazing that really was, and how that changed the CGI game, but man it was cool! Not to mention Trinity jumping in the air in slow motion with her Karate Kid type stance to kick that dude in the face… epic. The whole movie was a visual masterpiece, but it was Neo doing the limbo to dodge bullet after bullet that really sticks in our memories.

Next comes from one of my favorite movies of all time! Yes, 300. I’m sorry to disappoint all you film snobs who think that an action movie like 300 doesn't deserve to be on a film lover's favorite movie list. I don't care who you are, 300 is full of beautiful action, an interesting story (look deeper than just 300 ripped dudes fighting other ripped dudes) and shows some pretty iconic and daring movie making. There is a lot of slow motion in 300 and some would say too much. Although, I would disagree, the scene that makes my list is a single shot. Jumping in and out of slow motion from a profile shot we see the leader of the unstoppable few take down several Persians. One by one he stabs, hits, rams and guts in some of the coolest imagery in the entire film. It is stunning and so much fun. It’s the kind of scene you play in your head as a kid fighting imaginary bad guys with your toy sword while running through the kitchen. And who doesn't love that?!? 

I have two more slow mo moments to mention. The first of my last two comes from a best picture winner - Hurt Locker. The beginning scene where three military men are trying to defuse a bomb, and as the man in the suit tries to run away the bomb goes off. You know what I am talking about. This isn't the most action packed scene with fire and bullets, but just a dust filled explosion. The reason I love this scene so much is because it seems to get across the impact of an explosion like that. It shows us more than just the cool visual aspect of a fire-filled explosion. It shows cuts of a car rattling, sand shaking and the shock waves moving. It might not be candy for the eyes but it has some serious impact on your perspective and that's pretty hard to do. How do you get across the impact an explosion has in the middle of a desert to people sitting either on a comfy theater chair or on their couch cuddled up under a blanket? Watch the first 10 minutes of Hurt Locker. That’s how. 

My last one, and personally my favorite is from Guy Richie’s Sherlock Holmes. It’s the one with Iron Man as Sherlock Holmes for those of you who don't know directors. Robert Downey, Jr. plays an intriguing Holmes alongside Jude Law’s Watson. I love the two films and am excited for the third. First, I want to mention the fighting scenes where Holmes first walks us through what he is going to do. Then we get to see him do it. Every punch, kick, and slap is shown in slow motion as muscles contract and skin ripples. That’s pretty creative and a blast to watch, but it isn't one of my favorite scenes is cinema history like my choice from this movie is. Do you remember when Sherlock, Watson and some other colleges are running through the forest as giant missiles and bullets are flying towards them? That's the scene. That is the spine tingling, chills inducing and grin creating scene that I love so much! It jumps from super speed to slow motion as giant bullets break trees and fly by the heads of our heroes. I can't get across the feeling this scene gives me in an internet article. Just go watch it. I’ll include a url… Hold on… I’m going to watch it real quick. 

Check this out! 

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