Chick Flicks Guys Should Watch

Guys, you know how it goes. Your lady wants to watch a movie, but not just any movie. It’s going to be the sappiest, corniest, chick-est of flicks to ever hit the silver screen, and you’re just not sure you can stomach another viewing of Pride and Prejudice or The Notebook. Sadly, not every female-centric movie is as action-packed as Wonder Woman. Well here’s our little secret — some chick flicks are really good! Next time you’re caught between a rock and a hard place, suggest one of these movies that even the manliest of men should find enjoyable.


Date Night

 This is for the couple that can’t remember life without their partner. You fall into a routine, and before you know it, the spark is gone and you don’t get butterflies anymore. It happens to the best of us. This is the point where many couples, sadly, call it quits. Well, for Steve Carell and Tina Fey, their relationship gets a facelift with one crazy Date Night. Unpredictable comedy surrounds this marriage-centered plot as we wonder whether they’ll survive the night, let alone their relationship. There’s plenty of entertainment to go around.



Will Smith in his prime. Need we say more? Will Smith sells his services as the love doctor, a man who helps other dudes to snag the girl of their dreams. He can find love for anyone, except himself (cue the sad music). He pulls out all the stops for his latest client, Kevin James, a tragically awkward romantic who sets his sights on a woman that’s way out of his league. From dance lessons to accidental dude-on-dude kissing, it’s a fun journey. Smith finds his own love as well (spoiler alert, I guess) and it’s every bit as hilarious as it is sweet.


My Big Fat Greek Wedding

This is probably your mother’s favorite movie and for good reason. The plight of main character Toula, who falls for a man of another culture, reverberates hilariously through her staunch, Greek Orthodox family. It’s the highest-grossing romantic comedy of all time, despite never hitting number one at the box office. I personally love it for Toula’s witty internal commentary on her childhood, her family, and her love life. Written by and starring Nia Vardalos, this is a certifiably fresh comedy.


Crazy, Stupid, Love

Why will a man like this movie? Answer: Steve Carell’s comedy, mixed with the charisma of Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. This movie is ALL about relationships. It’s about love and lust, sacrifice and romance. Every chick flick should be this entertaining. The charm and charisma of the characters keeps things fun, funny, and interesting enough that you’ll forget you’re watching a romantic film.


The Devil Wears Prada

I know, guys. I’ve seen the poster too. I KNOW. A story about a woman making her way in the fashion business doesn’t sound like a film for dudes, but hear us out. Romance takes a back seat to the fascinating boss-employee relationship. Meryl Streep plays a wickedly sharp business tycoon who takes on a hapless new assistant, Anne Hathaway. It’s not particularly action-filled, but I have yet to meet anyone who regretted watching this neoclassic.


Definitely, Maybe 

Imagine if Deadpool had a daughter and was telling her the story of how he met her mother. That’s not this movie at all, but it’s a great visual, isn’t it? Ryan Reynolds does extremely well playing a young man with large political dreams, weaving his way through many beautiful women until he finds his true love. That being said, can Ryan Reynolds be Ryan Reynolds without being sarcastic? I think not! The humor in this movie is aimed at the cynical man begrudgingly watching this movie. You may start watching with a frown and folded arms, but before you know it, you’ll be laughing and invested.  



What genre would you call this movie? Fantasy-romance-adventure-quest-pirate-comedy? There is so much going on in this movie; it has no right to be as good as it is. In fact, as a married man, I put this movie on more than my wife does. It’s magical, intense, and engaging. It has comedy, deception, and action. If you haven’t seen this movie, just watch it. Once you see Robert DeNiro’s character, you will understand why this movie is so unique. I can’t explain why men enjoy this movie – they just do. Trust me on this one.


How to Lose a Guy In 10 Days

This is as classic as any chick flick gets. It has all the tropes: two unusually attractive people that are single for no apparent reason, their quirky best friends, and a massive miscommunication. It ends with Matthew McConaughey chasing down Kate Hudson’s taxi to profess his undying love (spoiler, by the way).  Everything about this movie screams chick flick, and yet I haven’t met a man who doesn’t like it. Maybe it’s because it’s written by the guy who played Roger in Pulp Fiction. You’ll love it. Tell me I’m wrong, I dare you.


Ever After

Yes, it’s a Cinderella story, but it’s so much more than that. It breathes life into the fairy tale with relatable characters, witty dialogue, and all-around great design. And whoever thought to include Leonardo Da Vinci as the effectual “fairy godfather” was a genius. The recent Disney live-action Cinderella owes a lot to this film, from the historical backdrop to the one sympathetic step-sister, to the intellectual relationship between her and the prince. One of Drew Barrymore’s most defining early romantic roles, this movie is worth your attention.


The Princess Bride

 This late 80’s adventure film transcends genre. It has romance, action, comedy, and a healthy dose of self-aware campy filmmaking. It defies categorization and has something for everyone. Families love it, couples love it, I bet even your dog loves it. It’s quotable, adorable, and heartwarming. William Goldman’s writing shines just as brightly today as ever; it’ll always be a classic.


There you have it! Have we missed any chick flicks that men should watch? Let us know!

Cj Lindsey