The best movies on Netflix the casual movie fan might not have heard of.

Can’t decide what to watch? Here are the best movies on Netflix the casual movie fan might not have heard of.




Little Men

A Sundance film about two best friends and their journey into adulthood. Greg Kinnear would be the only name you recognize in this true independent. If you are a boy, have a son or are tied to young men in any way, you will love this movie. Life happens, friends come and go, happiness does the same, but hold onto the things you love and keep moving forward! This is a heartwarming film, but isn’t very exciting. It is PG but might be too slow paced and intellectual for too young of an audience.


The Little Prince

A beautiful animated movie based on a classic tale. With multiple forms of animation, this movie will pop right out of the television and capture you and your children. It’s kid friendly and magical with great voice talent and wholesome morals. It does get a little bizarre in plot, but children will love it and you will too!


Animated Shorts

Walt Disney’s animated shorts are brilliant. They are compiled into a feature length program on Netflix. Many of them don’t have dialogue, some have your kids’ favorite characters. They teach, entertain and inspire children and adults alike. There are two Oscar winning shorts within this feature. They are truly quality entertainment done in short segments that will keep your attention.


Kubo and The Two Strings (April 8th)

Listen. I understand I am alone in this thinking…


Kubo and The Two Strings is one of the best animated movies of the year – and of all time. It’s beautiful, funny, challenging, intriguing, and epic. It teaches some harsh realities of the world in elegant and heartwarming ways. It is an epic tale of a family torn apart by hatred and brought together through love and dedication. It talks about death of loved ones, memories, stories, betrayal, loyalty, hard work, and perseverance. I think it accomplishes some of the best parts of storytelling.  




Moonrise Kingdom

Wes Anderson is extremely well known among the quirky and movie passionate. If you don’t fall into one of these categories, you probably don’t know who Mr. Anderson is. He is a director… and a weird one. He is weird in all the best ways. Moonrise Kingdom is a coming of age love story that’s set in a “summer camp” type of area. It highlights the best and worst parts of going to camp, while illustrating the power of young love. It’s bright, quirky and a very out of ordinary filming style. Wes Anderson might be a little quirky, but he is consistent. This movie has a similar feeling as Grand Budapest Hotel, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and Royal Tenenbaums – you’ll like this movie.


St. Vincent

Do you remember that old man in the neighborhood who seemed to always be inside and was always angry? You couldn’t step on his lawn or knock on his door. Every kid in the neighborhood knew to stay away. You know that man? Now, imagine if that man was Bill Murray. That’s St. Vincent. It’s about a young man breaking through the tough exterior of a hardened Bill Murray. It’s funny and heartwarming. The end will likely get you to tear up. You walk away feeling like the world is just a little brighter than it was before. Great movie. 


Woman in Gold

“A custody battle over a famous painting” doesn’t really sound very intriguing, but it should. Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds are brilliant. If you get sick of the wise-cracking, funny man, Ryan Reynolds usually plays, watch this movie. He is a lawyer that is in over his head and has to buckle down. It’s based on a true story and is fascinating for the casual movie lover and the artist who is attached to Mr. Klimpt.


Sing Street

A young man in Dublin, Ireland in the 80’s goes to an all boy school. When leaving school one day, he sees an attractive girl across the street and approaches her. She says she is a model. He says he is in a band and wants her to be in his music video. She agrees. He then walks away and goes to his best friend and says “we need to start a band.” That’s Sing Street. I love it. I’ve thought long and hard before telling people this, but Sing Street has officially taken my favorite movie of all time slot! This movie is applicable to me in so many ways! I can’t express enough the joy this movie brings me. It’s relatable, fun, charming, and overwhelmingly contagious. Watch it.


The Saratov Approach

Have you seen the Mormon missionaries around? White shirt, name tag, usually walking or on a bike? Well, these young men and women are all over the world. What happens when these missionaries go to some of the most dangerous places in the world? Well, Saratov Approach is about two young missionaries who get kidnapped in Russia. It’s intense, enlightening, and overwhelming. It’s based on a true story and will educate you as you remain entertained the entire time.



Begin Again

There may be some bias on this because Begin Again was directed by the same man who did Sing Street. It’s a dramatic movie mixed with music and romance. With Mark Ruffalo, Kiera Knightly and Adam Levine, it’s stacked with star power. It’s an underdog story in an interesting industry. The “win” is different than other movies and the ending is ambiguous. With topics of love, family and the idea of success, this movie challenges it’s audience while entertaining and staying relatable.



If you don’t know Jon Favreau – you’re wrong. You do know him. When you see his picture you will say “Oh! That guy!” He has been in raunchy comedies and is always the supporting character. If you are a Friends fan, he was a billionaire who wanted to become the best fighter in the world. Well, little do you know, he is also one of the most talented directors currently working in Hollywood. Iron Man, Jungle Book and Elf were all directed by Jon. He also directed this movie Chef.

I’ll be honest. I haven’t seen this film, but I am so sold on Jon Favreau’s talent I will put a stamp of approval on this film. He doesn’t seem to miss. If a movie is a passion project for him, he will always hit the mark. This was a passion project for him. 



Jake Gylenhaal is massively underrated. For some reason, Jake will put out an amazing acting performance every year, but it’s never really talked about. In 2015, Nightcrawler was that amazing acting performance. He is creepy, unethical, scary and freakishly relatable. His character is kind of a scummy person, but he stretches our morals and makes us ask ourselves, “would I?” This movie is dark and challenging. You might not like the way you feel when you watch it, but your mind will be pulled down a road that will allow you to think about life in ways you never have before.



If there is any film you have heard of on this list, it’s probably Boyhood. For three months of every year, for 12 years this movie would film. The growing of the characters is real and genuine. Although as the boy gets older, the acting gets worse – it’s still an interesting feat that has never been done before. It will enlighten you and make you reflect on your own life. The supporting actors are brilliant and the subject matter is true and real.

Cj Lindsey