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Spider-Man: Far From Home

You knew we were going to dive deep into the latest Peter Parker adventure. You DIDN'T know we would be featuring our very first Nerd Critic guest! After eight years of writing with the team behind Conan, and now as the associate editor at DC Universe, Dixon Gaines ( @dixontrotter ) might be the funniest nerd and the nerdiest comedian you’ve ever met. If you don't have as much fun listening to him as we did, then you're probably dead inside.

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OTS - Whiplash

The best drumming movie ever (and there are a surprising number of drumming movies), the best JK Simmons performance ever, the most outrageous and challenging depiction of a teacher/student relationship ever. Forgive our hyperbole, but we LOVE THIS MOVIE. It’s hard to stay calm about it.

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All my troubles seemed so far away
Now it looks as though they're here to stay
Oh, I believe in yesterday

Maybe you love The Beatles. Maybe you love Danny Boyle. Maybe you love Lily James (seriously though, you have to love Lily James). Wherever your affections lay, listen up, we’ve got lots to say.

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Dark Phoenix

It’s time for the talk. About Dark Phoenix. Hey, it’s not that bad! Okay, it’s pretty bad, but here’s a silver lining: you don’t need to worry about seeing it before diving into our episode about it. We promise it’ll be even more fun than actually watching the movie. (Not that the bar was terribly high…)

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