Top 5 Castings We Want to See in the Next Monster Movie

This week’s release of The Mummy launches the “Dark Universe” by Universal Studios (Dracula Untold doesn’t count…). Cinematic universes are the latest cash cow, with superhero franchises sweeping the box office. The Dark Universe will include all the classic movie monsters you know and love, including The Invisible Man, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Frankenstein, and of course, Mummy. Each creature will star in stand-alone films, then (we hope) they will all come together in some epic Avengers-style monster mash. In anticipation for this potential rock or flop universe, we decided to look at five of the most popular monsters and give our dream cast for who we think could scare us in all the right ways.

The Invisible Man – Steve Buscemi

How do you cast a character with no visible, physical description? You cast based on personality and voice, that’s how. Although Johnny Depp is currently attached to the role, we think Steve Buscemi would fit the bill perfectly. Buscemi plays a genius in every role, and his voice is iconic. His personality is contagious. And let’s be honest, none of us would mind if we didn’t see his face for a couple of hours. Sorry Steve.

The Wolf Man – Joe Manganiello

In the original tale, the Wolf Man is a romantic character. He gets bit in the chest while saving his love’s life, tragically turning into a werewolf as a result. Whoever plays the part needs to pump life into an overused character, while keeping the romance interesting. Joe Manganiello is attractive, charming, and scary big! Throw some extra hair on him and he already looks the part. Although Manganiello hasn’t had to strain his acting abilities in previous roles, we believe that his undeniable physical presence would give any beast a run for his money.

Dracula – Idris Elba

Audiences reward bold moves, and Idris Elba as the king of vampires would take some serious cajones. Luke Evans currently has the part of Dracula secured, but forget that for a moment. Let Gaston stick to musicals. Dracula is one of the most well-known and epic characters in history. Elba is an Oscar caliber actor with a voice that melts butter. Sure, the origin story may need some rewrites, but we believe it would be well worth it to see (and hear) Idris Elba as what will likely be the strongest character in this universe.

Frankenstein – Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Whether you know him as The Comedian, Negan, or John Winchester, one thing is clear – Jeffery Dean Morgan is “one bad mother”. He tends to play strong characters that shoot first and ask questions later. His characters have a gruff exterior with a layer of depth that they can’t seem to adequately put into words. Frankenstein is a big, strong, and deep character that people don’t understand at first glance. The choice is clear. With a little make-up, some back story, and a great supporting cast, JDM could bring this character to life. It’s alive! Ha! We’re funny!

Bride of Frankenstein – Helena Bonham Carter

This is the pick we are most excited about! Helena Bonham Carter would kill as the Bride of Frankenstein. You can already see the poster, right? Rumors abound that Angelina Jolie may become the Bride of Frankenstein, and that’s fine. But ask yourself – is there anyone better suited to play the strange monster than Le Strange herself? Carter is weird, intriguing, and oddly lovable. She can be scary while remaining sympathetic for the audience. Oh! And how about Tim Burton directs this movie too. It’s only fitting.

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