If you're not terribly interested in Zombieland and/or its recent sequel, then go ahead and skip ahead to the Announcements section. (Got some real goodies in there this week.)

But if you ARE interested in Zombieland and/or its recent sequel, well, then...here you go.

CJ and Jordan once again find themselves at odds, this time over Zombieland: Double Tap.

Their disagreement probably doubled the length of this already-short episode, but ultimately, they concluded that their disparate experiences probably came down to one major factor: expectations.

Is it a zombie movie? Is it an action movie? A comedy? A romance? A bromance? Yes!

Jordan's seen it six times, and CJ just saw it for the first time, but they both agree, Zombieland is the best buddy zom-rom-com ever made.

Coming up next week...

For, Monday, October 28th, we've put together a thorough primer on the whole Terminator franchise. We promise that listening to that episode will make your experience with Terminator: Dark Fate way better.

We asked, you voted, and we'll obey. On Friday, November 1st, look forward to our dee dive into Black and Blue.


Two cool things:

  1. Jordan was a guest on The Next Reel, another film podcast featuring a bunch of white dudes -- yay!

    Embarrassing lack of diversity aside, it was a pretty great show. And in an effort to motivate all you Nerd Critics to go take a listen, he'd like to remind you that there's a WHOLE LOT MORE Zombieland: Double Tap conversation on that episode.

  2. You're invited!

    We have our tickets to go see Terminator: Dark Fate on Saturday, November 2nd, and we want you to join us!

    The deets (not to be confused with pesticide):

    Burbank AMC 16
    IMAX, 5:15 PM
    Saturday, November 2nd

    If you can get a ticket, we'd love to see you. If you can't, we'd still love to see you! Just come hang out after. We'll be loitering in the courtyard for a while, making our famous selves available to the general public.

That's all, folks. Go see lots of movies this weekend, because that's what weekends are for.

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