The Prince

We spent the whole week on Will Smith, and we have no regrets.

Unlike Will Smith himself, as rumor has it.

Which is sort of the whole conversation, actually. But let's not get too far ahead of ourselves...

OK, we all know that Gemini Man was NOT good. We wish it was. Of course we wish it was.

But the disappointingly low-quality of a movie is never going to prevent us from making a great episode, and this was no exception. Lots of interesting things to talk about, including but not limited to high frame-rate filmmaking, motion capture and uncanny valley, and CJ's phenomenological experience with the father/son themes so poorly approached in the film.

Definitely don't wait to see this movie before you listen to this episode.

Regardless of how many stinkers Will Smith has helped bring into the world over the past ten years, this was a super fun episode, because we'll never NOT love this man with our whole hearts.

BONUS -- we were able to arrive at some very insightful (read: baseless) conclusions about his career since 2008.

Talking about the Fresh Prince turned out to be the perfect way to kick off the next 100 episodes of Nerd Critic.

Coming up next week...

On, Monday, October 21st, we're revisiting the best Zom-Com ever made: Zombieland.

Because unless you've been living under an abandoned bridge in Russia, you know that Zombieland 2: Double Tap is out. We'll be covering it with embarrassing enthusiasm on Friday, October 25th.


We're going to use this week's announcement section to give one final shoutout to our First Annual Nerd Critic Trivia Showdown, which officially took place (on tape!) earlier this week.

Want to know who won?

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Now hurry up and go find out how our Resident Nerd stacked up against the upstart challenger.

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