100 Episodes!

What a week.

We THOUGHT we were going to spend the whole thing talking about Gotham, but then things went awry (as they do), and we ended up dividing our attention between two movies that could hardly be more different.

So instead of coming up with some kind of cohesive theme, we're just going to congratulate ourselves, once again, for hitting the holy 100-episode mark. Go us!

This was it. Our ONE HUNDREDTH episode.

And what an episode it turned out to be.

By popular demand, we invited the venerable Dixon Gaines back to be our guest for this seminal occasion, and he and Jordan fought mightily for CJ's soul.

In the end, CJ opted for shared custody and a happily-ever-after. Which, after spending so much time with Joker, was desperately appreciated.

Abominable didn't do terribly well at the box office, and we have some theories as to why.

Join us for a thoughtful conversation about how good stories do and don't get developed, and enjoy a behind-the-scenes anecdote about CJ and Jordan's first conversation about this movie, before either of them had seen it yet.

Coming up next week...

On, Monday, October 14th, we're having a heart-to-heart about our main man, Will Smith. Because it turns out we've seen, like, pretty much all of his movies, and...

Gemini Man is going to be our next episode, on Friday, October 18th. It might not be great (if Rotten Tomatoes can be trusted), but it'll have our main man in it, so we're excited to dive in.


Our Nerd Critic Trivia Challenge produced a winner!

Jack Taggart, eager to prove himself the Nerdiest of All, will be squaring off against CJ, the Resident Nerd himself, during our episode about Gemini Man. Which, in case you've already forgotten from the last section (and if this IS the case, you might have a real medical problem on your hands), is going to be on October 14th.

Jordan will devise a nerd competition for the ages, and the winner will be lauded throughout all future generations.

Don't miss it.

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