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Those of you who pay close attention to our "Coming up next week..." section may be wondering why The Dark Knight seems to be coming early. You're thinking, "Wasn't it supposed to be Abominable?" You're beginning to wonder whether your Nerd Critic hosts are as reliable as you've always believed.


We had some technical difficulties that threw us for a loop. But instead of crying about it (okay, after crying about it), we decided to just post our episode on The Dark Knight early.

The most obvious benefit to this, of course, is that it gives us a theme for the week -- we've got both Sly and Bale beating people up. Granted, this is where the similarities conclude, but still. It's something.

Anyway, expect Abominable next week, and enjoy the early access to TDK, which is something we've been looking forward to covering for a long, long time.

Filmspotting, the definitive cinephile podcast, once ran a poll that asked the question: "What is the best comic book movie adaptation of all time?"

The options were
A) The Dark Knight, and
B) Any other movie.

This just about sums up the significance of this film, and we could not be more excited to do a deep dive into an inarguably significant entry into the catalogue of great American movies.

And if you're looking for some great pre-game conversation about Joker, you could do a lot worse than this episode.

We need to talk about Rambo. Like, all of it.

First we should give Sly credit for helping to launch an impressive number of giant franchises. Back in 1982, First Blood was a gritty, political action thriller with a surprising amount of heart, but it's getting harder to ignore the way a movie like Last Blood feels in 2019.

Special thanks to Aaron Woodall for lending his insights and support as we unpacked this swollen American institution.

Coming up next week...

On, Monday, October 7th, you'll get our amazing Abominable episode, and you, too, can finally stop weeping uncontrollably!

And then on Friday, October 11th, it's finally happening. Joker. Our 100TH EPISODE. We know it's impossible for you to be as excited as we are about this, but...try.


Occasionally, we see fit to remind you that Nerd Critic is a Reel Contender Production.

This is one of those times. Because guess what! Reel Contender just released a whole new show! It's called Elliot Tree's Compendium of Mysteries, and, as you might guess from the title, it's not a talk show.

It's about unusual mysteries that call for out-of-box thinking. Elliot Tree (yes, this is the name of the human protagonist, not an actual tree) makes it her business to expect the outlandish and seek out the supernatural -- much to the chagrin of her skeptical intern. Together, they just might crack the impossible.

Impossible what, you ask? You'll have to listen to find out.

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