To the Stars...

This week was all about space movies. It's hard to say which of us is more of a geek about this kind of thing (ok it's not hard at all it's Jordan), but one thing is for certain: space is where astronauts live, and astronauts are really cool.

Join us on our adventure into the cosmos, mediated by a couple of flawed and beautiful movies.

We know you love to hear us fight, so we brought our knives to this episode.

CJ came out swinging with words like "pretentious" and "stop yelling." Jordan mounted a grand defense supported almost entirely by a wildly oversimplified explanation of the movie's primary flaw.

2001: A Space Odyssey this was not, but it still offered some breathtaking images and a lovely (if overstated) theme.

In the lead up to Ad Astra, we took on another Christopher Nolan movie.

A lot of people jumped on the plot-hole-central bandwagon back when Interstellar came out. But we think that may be an oversimplified explanation of what was wrong with this movie, and also an unfair dismissal of all the things that were so great about it.

Jump on in, the conversation's fine!

Coming up next week…

On, Monday, September 30th, we're covering the Rambo franchise. Yep, the whole thing. We invited Aaron Woodall, the Mormon half of a podcast called Mormon and the Meth-Head, to be a guest on that episode.

And then on Friday, September 20th, we're going to cover a little indie-movie called Abominable from an itty-bitty studio called Dreamworks.

Neither CJ or Jordan has seen it yet, but they've already started fighting, so that should be fun.


It would be silly for us to pretend that there is anything more important to talk about here than that Joker, which will be our100th episode.

This is a big deal for us. A bigger deal, even, than our Birthversary, and so deserving of a more thoughtful celebration than just eating cake next to hot mics.

Here's all the stuff we're doing...

We're finally covering The Dark Knight

The OTS episode (#99, if you're counting, which we are) leading up to our Joker episode on Friday is the perfect opportunity. We know, we know. It's about damn time.

We’re doing another giveaway

And it's going to be the biggest one yet -- nearly $300 of sweet sweet swag from CJ's personal collection of nerdery. Keep reading if you still don't know what we're talking about.

It's going to be a competition

We created the Nerd Critic Trivia Challenge because we really need to discover how worthy CJ is of his Resident Nerd title. Can you take it away from him by knowing even MORE useless nerd trivia than him? Get the highest score on the quiz and get tapped to come on the show and embarrass CJ with your awe-inspiring knowledge of trivial comic-related facts.

(To be clear, taking away his title, in this case, just means you get all that awesome swag. CJ will continue co-hosting Nerd Critic, regardless of how much less qualified he feels after this contest.)

There will be an epic guest

Just you wait.

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