Two things:

  1. Its ratings are better for your health than Rotten Tomatoes. (Did you notice that I didn't even hyperlink that site? #rebel) Relevant, since we had some sad/mad feelings about RT's algorithmically calculated score of Cate Blanchett's latest vehicle.

  2. The highest ranked movie on IMDb is the subject of our OTS episode this week.

And we believe these two things MORE than justify the headline of today's newsletter. If you disagree, you have devoted far, far too much energy to these opening paragraphs. Please, for your sake and ours, move along.

Regardless of anything, Cate Blanchett is wonderful. Join us in our appreciation. Also, come explore the absence of a question mark in the title of this movie. On Nerd Critic, we always address the most urgent issues and deliver the most meaningful insights.

According to IMDb, The Shawshank Redemption is the best (or at least most popular) movie ever, and that will probably never change.

How did that happen? We have some ideas.

But also, we have some very positive thoughts about the movie itself. Because, while it might not be the best movie in whole past and future history of movies, it certainly is a damn good one.

Coming up next week...

Listen, at one point we announced that we'd be covering 300 (because Gerard Butler), but we changed our minds. On Monday, August 26th, we're doing Inception.

But we're still going to be covering Angel Has Fallen on Friday, August 30th, because this is a bad time of year for movies.


The biggest news this week is that we're finally going to do an episode onInception.

We're repeating it here in the announcements section just in case you skimmed over the previous section and missed it.

So, one more time:

Inception on Monday!

Or, actually, tomorrow if you're a subscriber. That's looking like a better deal every week, isn't it?

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