Movies with Guns in Them

You've probably noticed by now that the title's of each week's summary attempts, in some way, to tie together both of the week's episodes.

This week, this was the best we could do.

I guess we could also assume Morgan Freeman was the President in Inception, too.

You know what? Sure. It's been a slow summer.

But guess what else! We liked this movie. It was fun. It had good action. And while it may not have delivered the kinds of complex moral exploration we've come to expect from this franchise (...*ahem*), it sure did inspire a rich and thoughtful conversation between your favorite Nerd and Critic. Enjoy.

Fooled ya! OK here's the story. We WERE going to talk about 300 (in honor of Gerard Butler's somewhat abortive career), but then we came to our senses and pivoted. HARD.

We finally, finally talked about one of the movies that has had the greatest impact not only on CJ and Jordan, but on nearly everyone. And we could swear that time slowed down the deeper we dove into this Christopher Nolan classic. Or maybe it sped up? Either way, come enjoy this shared dream with us.

Coming up next week...

On, Monday, September 2nd, we'll be talking about Blumhouse Productions, which gives us an excuse to finally talk about one of our favorite Blumhouse Production productions: Get Out.

And then on Friday, September 6th, we'll be covering Ready or Not, because that movie would probably not exist without the success that Blumhouse has found over the last ten years. (And because it's a lot like Get Out, but with all rich white people, instead.)


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