Horrible, Horrible Families

This week made us feel real grateful for our non-murderous kin.

It's also been a week to celebrate Blumhouse, both directly and indirectly.

Come along on this, our blood-spattered journey!

If you haven't seen this movie, see if the first part of this episode can't convince you. It's way better and way more fun than anyone had a right to expect.

If you HAVE seen it, join us for a conversation about gore as slapstick and the problem of old money. Plus, listen for a pretty sweet announcement. We're excited, and you should be, too.

You may or may not have heard of Blumhouse Productions, but you've heard of Blumhouse Productions' productions. We believe it's also at least partly responsible for movies like Ready or Not, as audiences have come to trust this style of movie after a decade-long diet of Blumhouse successes.

We're also FINALLY talking about one of their most beloved films: Get Out, Jordan Peele's writer-directorial debut and masterwork.

And if one of your Nerd Critic hosts starts claiming to have been named after Mr. Peele, please just humor him.

Coming up next week...

We are all about IT.

On, Monday, September 9th, we'll be talking about It Chapter One, which was the highest-grossing horror movie of all time (at least, until...)

IT Chapter Two, which we'll be covering on Friday, September 13th (YES ON PURPOSE), with the horror aficionados who wrote A Quiet Place, Bryan Woods and Scott Beck

If you're not excited for next week, you are out of your damn mind.


Honestly, all we can think about right now is how scared CJ is of clowns.

Oh, and also ourupcoming conversation with the writers of one of 2018's hands-down coolest movies.

Did we just use the Announcements section to shamelessly repeat ourselves? Of course we did. It's our newsletter and we get to do what we want with it.

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